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What if you could indulge in sweet, energising, totally
Guilt-free snacking?

Modern living has turned into a non-stop race. You strive, you perform, you achieve, but sometimes the pressure starts to drain your strength. It’s not that you’re not working hard enough.
In all this madness, you often simply need a recharge, a pep-up, a caring little push. So what can you do to make it through?

We’re going to let you in on a secret: Medjool dates. The sweetest, almost sinfully delicious kind. The kind you’ll love indulging in, while getting just the boost of nutritious energy you need. With zero hassle, no preparation, all natural.

In the morning as you and your coffee try to confront all the tasks ahead. In the middle of a hectic work day, when you feel you’re slowing down. On the way to the gym, which you barely managed to squeeze into a busy schedule. On the endless commute to or from the city centre. When your to-do list keeps growing to impossible lengths. All you need is a pick-me-up moment with MyJool – delicious Medjool dates. 

Out of hundreds of sweet snack options to choose from, MyJool dates are the ultimate natural and guilt-free alternative. 

Get Your MyJool

At MyJool, each date undergoes careful selection to ensure high quality, consistency and juiciness, without compromise. 

Just a few bites of these incredible nutritional fat-free sweet snacks provide countless benefits. MyJool dates are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibre to help the body and support many of its critical functions. 

Most of the job is done by nature itself—as it transforms the hot rays of desert sun into a superfruit that will re-energize your day and brighten up your mood to bring out your best. All this with no added sugar or preservatives. MyJool dates dry naturally on the palm tree, without any artificial processing – because nature knows its job. 

Sold in a new 3 date-pack, with 100% recyclable packaging, they are soft, juicy and taste delicious, almost like caramel. 

They are even more convenient than other fruits, as they require no peeling or washing before eating, so you can dive right into delectable pleasure. 

The best part is you can take these MyJool dates with you wherever you go: home, to work, to the gym or anywhere else. They’ll never let you down and give you that energy boost you crave.

Can’t wait to try MyJool dates? You can stop fantasising now, and find MyJool’s new on-the-go pack, the perfect guilt-free daily snack, at any Waitrose store near you.


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MyJool guilt-free snack is now available in
Waitrose stores and online.

Check out our new MyJool packs also in Spain, The Netherlands, South Korea and Switzerland. Soon available in Canada.

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