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You know we like to keep things fresh, right? Right! On this page, we’ll post new articles about our favorite subject in the world (mmm, dates!) while also sharing bite-sized news and exciting information.

What if you could indulge in sweet, energising, totally
Guilt-free snacking?

Modern living has turned into a non-stop race. You strive, you perform, you achieve, but sometimes the pressure starts to drain your strength. It’s not that you’re not working hard
Launching MyJool, our new delicious on-the go pack, at Lunch!- The definitive event for the coffeeshop & food-go-sector, London, UK
Our new booth at Fruit-Logistica 2023
The Super Fresh Medjool is a truly unique date. Super big, soft and filled with flavor, the Super Fresh Medjool is harvested early, when its water levels are still high and
Not many people know that dates are super-fruits with truly unique qualities. Curious to learn more? A fascinating research paper published in 2020 highlights some of the positive benefits provided
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MyJool guilt-free snack is now available in
Waitrose stores and online.

Check out our new MyJool packs also in Spain, The Netherlands, South Korea and Switzerland. Soon available in Canada.

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